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Luftfjädring Luftbälg bak hö/vä Arnott A-2755 BMW E61

Arnott is pleased to introduce a new air spring for the rear of the 2004-2010 BMW 5 Series Wagon with Self-Leveling Rear Suspension. Arnott's new rear air spring features a Continental ContiTech air spring bladder, heavy duty crimping rings and high impact plastic resin top and bottom pistons. Arnott's Rear Air Spring fits either the Left or Right side. The air spring, which should be purchased in pairs, is assembled and tested in the USA. This air spring will replace air springs on vehicles with and without Sport Suspension. Arnott backs this air spring with a Limited Lifetime Warranty in North America. 

It is recommended that you replace your air springs in pairs.


• New Air Spring Bladder from Continental ContiTech
• Heavy-Duty Crimping Rings
• High Impact Resin Pistons
• 4mm Quick Connect Air Line Fitting
• Limited Lifetime Warranty     

Original Equipment # 37126765602; 37126765603