A2123203925 Luftbälg bak vä Arnott A-2791 Mercedes E-Class


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Luftbälg bak vä Arnott A-2791 MERCEDES E-Class W212 10-14 AIRMATIC inkl. AMG, CLS-Class W218 AIRMATIC


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Luftbälg bak vä Arnott A-2791 MERCEDES E-Class 10-14 AIRMATIC inkl. AMG, MERCEDES CLS-Class 12-14 W/AIRMATIC


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Arnott's new air spring for the left rear of the 2010-2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W212 Chassis), Part A-2791, features a new multi-ply Continental ContiTech air spring bladder, German-made crimping rings, custom-designed high-impact resin top mount and bottom piston and 4 mm air fitting. The air spring, which is designed, assembled and tested in the USA, comes with an air spring dust boot to protect it from debris. Arnott backs this air spring with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

• New ContiTech Air Spring Bladder
• German-Made Crimping Rings
• Durable Resin Top Mount & Bottom Piston
• Airline Fitting & Protective Dust Boot
• Limited Lifetime Warranty         

Important Notes:

Replaces OEM#: 2123204325, A2123203925

Fits: MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class 2010-2014 AIRMATIC inkl. AMG