Luftfjæring Kompressor WABCO OES P-2462 Rang Rover L322

kr 6,000
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Luftkompressor Wabco OES P-2462 Rang Rover L322 03-05

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Luftkompressor Wabco OES P-2462 Rang Rover L322 03-05

Arnott has teamed up directly with Wabco to supply you with the same OE part at a fraction of the dealer cost. These compressors are made by the same supplier used by Land Rover. Arnott now has the one-stop solution for those who prefer the original equipment. This same compressor assembly will cost you a small fortune at your local Land Rover dealership!


This is just the compressor and dryer assembly. You will have to reuse your intake lines, mounting brackets, and plug. This new compressor comes with detailed instructions.


Important Notes: OEM Number(s): RQL000014, LR006201


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