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Air Spring Installation Tips & Tricks

Being the aftermarket air suspension specialist, Arnott is keen to make sure all installers feel confident and are well informed when working on air suspension systems. In this article, we provide you with some valuable tips and tricks for an air spring replacement.


Arnott Produktkatalog 2022

Arnott Produktkatalog 2022


Air suspension components – Why replacement in pairs is important

The main components of an air suspension system, the air springs and air struts, contain rubber sleeves. Rubber is a natural product prone to wear and tear causing the air sleeve to be the first component to wear out. Often, the rubber will dry rot and small cracks form where the air sleeve continuously rolls up and down the rolling piston during the spring movement. When the vehicle is being inspected, it is recommended that the air sleeves are checked for these small cracks and, if present, replaced to avoid the cracks developing into a bigger leak over time.


Air Suspension Kits vs. Coilover Suspension

Details on air suspension kits as well as. The Coilover suspension kits. Air suspension kits and coil overs are among the most well-known suspension kits on the market. Both are designed to help your vehicle run effortlessly and effectively, but which one is most suitable for you? Both coil-overs and air suspension kits come with each their own advantages and disadvantages. To help you pick the correct suspension kit, take a look at the information below.


Luftfjäderben - en djupare förståelse

Luftfjädringssystem kommer i många olika konfigurationer vilket definierar de olika delarna så som luftfjäderben, luftbälgar samt fjäderben. När ett system utrustas med ett komplett luftfjäderbenskit så integreras luftfjädringen innuti fjäderbenet istället för att sättas separat på axeln. Denna typ av hopsättningar används ofta till den främre delen av fjädringssystemet. Den bakre delen av fjädringssystemt består oftast av en kombination av luftfjäderben samt luftbälgar. Det finns även fyrhörns luftfjäderbensystem.


Air springs – a deeper look

Air springs are a defining and recognizable part of the air suspension system. They use the compressive abilities of air and rubber to absorb vibrations and raise or lower the vehicle. How do they actually work, what are they made off and what are the advantages?


Air suspension – how does it actually work?

Although the concept of an air suspension system on passenger cars was already introduced in the sixties, the functioning of the system is still not common knowledge for most. This is partially the reason that quite some workshops do not have air suspension maintenance and repair as part of their service offer. In this newsletter, Arnott explains the general functioning of the system and components.


Tire change – Winter Check

In many countries the end of summer has come and the colder, winter season is ahead of us. To prepare for the change in climate, many car owners take their car to the workshop for a tire change. Winter tires are safer to drive in this often-colder period of rain, hail and snow. Changing tires also provides an opportunity to check the air suspension system. When the wheels are removed, it is easy and convenient to check the condition of the struts, air springs and shock absorbers.


Air Suspension Installation Tips & Tricks

Being the aftermarket air suspension specialist, Arnott is keen to make sure all installers feel confident and are well informed when carrying out an air suspension repair. In this article some valuable tips and tricks are highlighted per product category.


Compressors – a deeper look

When you look at an air suspension system, the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is often considered to be the brain of the system. Following this line of thought, the compressor can be considered the beating heart of the system. Even though a compressor does not continuously run, when it no longer functions properly, the system will perform poorly and eventually shut down. This makes the compressor a vital component within the air suspension system!