Ombyggnadssats Arnott C-2745 Jaguar XJ


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Luftfjädring Ombyggnadssats 08-10 Jaguar XJ Series (X350, X358)

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Arnott has revolutionized the industry once again with its exclusive aftermarket conversion kit for the Jaguar XJ series. Arnott's elite coil spring kit delivers a seamless and error-free conversion of your Jaguar suspension system. You can finally enjoy your Jaguar XJ without worrying about failing air suspension parts leaving you stranded with expensive and recurring maintenance problems. Arnott's comprehensive Jaguar suspension conversion kit allows you to convert the entire vehicle for less than the price of one air strut at your local Jaguar dealership. The Arnott Jaguar suspension design features custom-made and tuned shock absorbers and coil springs along with Arnott's exclusive Electronic Bypass Module (EBM) to turn off the suspension warning lights.

Kit Includes:
• 2 Front Shocks & Springs
• 2 Rear Shocks & Springs
• All Necessary Hardware
• Detailed Installation Manual Available

• Custom-Designed Shock Absorbers
• CNC-Machined Aluminum Seats
• Valved to Ride Like the OEM Air Suspension
• Powder-Coated Coil Springs
• Pre-Assembled For Easy Installation
• EBM to Turn Off Dashboard Warning Light
• Engineered in the USA  

Important Notes:

Fits: JAGUAR XJ Series 2008-2010.