LR025111 Luftkompressor AMK Arnott P-2646 RANGE ROVER L322


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Luftkompressor AMK Arnott P-2646 RANGE ROVER L322 06-12

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Luftkompressor AMK Arnott P-2646 RANGE ROVER L322

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 The AMK Air Suspension Compressor for the 2006-2012 Land Rover Range Rover L322, Arnott part P-2646, is designed to replace the problematic Hitachi OE compressor. This AMK air supply unit includes a bracket so it can easily replace the OE pump and bracket and will fit within the compressor box. This new compressor includes a release solenoid and an integrated dryer and filter . The compressor comes pre-wired with new air hoses and fittings for plug and play operation. This AMK compressor comes with vibration isolators, mounting hardware and a new compressor relay. If replacing the OE Hitachi compressor a dealer provided software update is required. 


  • Modular and Compact Design
  • Maintenance-Free Operation
  • Includes Dryer and Compressor Relay
  • Pre-assembled for plug & play operation
  • Detailed Installation Manual

 Important Notes: OEM#: LR041777, LR010375, LR015089, LR010375, LR025111, RQG500040, RQG500041, RQG500140, RQG500100