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Luftfjädring Luftfjäderben fram vä AS-2304 Arnott - Mercedes S-Class4MATIC w/AIRMATIC

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Arnott is pleased to offer its completely rebuilt OE Mercedes-Benz front air shocks for the 2003-2006 S-Class sedans equipped with 4MATIC. Arnott's Mercedes shock features a new rubber air spring bladder manufactured by Continental ContiTech. Arnott improved the upper seal design, using an O-ring sealing technology rather than the original epoxy that cracked, causing leaks and other damage. The price per OE Mercedes shock at your local dealership is a small fortune! The Arnott design is not only more efficient, it’s also much more affordable! Each Mercedes S-Class shock is covered by a Limited Two-Year Warranty.NOTE: This item is available in limited supply because of high demand and limited core supply. This is ONLY for Mercedes vehicles with 4MATIC.

Important Notes:

Replaces OEM#: 2203202138