2303202913 fjäderben fram Arnott SK-2418 Mercedes SL55 SL65 AMG



fjäderben fram vä Arnott SK-2418 02-06 Mercedes Benz SL-Class AMG R230 

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19 998 SEK inkl. moms

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fjäderben fram Vä Arnott SK-2418 02-06 Mercedes Benz SL-Class AMG R230 

Arnott's completely rebuilt OE front air strut for Mercedes-Benz vehicles is painstakingly disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up. Arnott has worked directly with one of the largest seal manufacturers to design and test a nearly indestructible polyurethane seal you can expect to last for many years.

The price per strut at your local dealership is a small fortune! Once again, the Arnott design is not only more efficient, it’s also much more affordable! Each strut is backed by Arnott's exclusive Limited Warranty.

This part is for SL55 or SL65 AMG models ONLY!

Original Equipment # 2303202913, 2303204513