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Det bedste Luftstiver hö bak Bilstein 45-240287 Porsche ⏩ Luftstiver
  • Det bedste Luftstiver hö bak Bilstein 45-240287 Porsche ⏩ Luftstiver
  • Det bedste Luftstiver hö bak Bilstein 45-240287 Porsche ⏩ Luftstiver

Luftstiver hö bak Bilstein 45-240287 Porsche

14.999 kr
11.999 kr Spar 20%

Original BILSTEIN air strut - Made in Germany

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The BILSTEIN B4 air suspension module offers optimum safety and durability. Don't be satisfied with less than BILSTEIN if you need OE replacement.

BILSTEIN B4 air suspension module for maximum driving comfort.
The revolutionary design provides damping, suspension and level control in one single part.
The BILSTEIN B4 air suspension module is available for active and passive systems and is therefore the ideal OE replacement part for a perfect driving experience as on day one.

Enclosed installation instructions of the manufacturer must be observed!

How to replace the strut you can see in this video. It is essential to act according to this installation video: https://youtu.be/A3demcfOHRs 

Can be installed in the following vehicles:
porsche Cayenne Typ 92A >2010

Original spare part number:
95835802000; 958 358 020 00; 95835802001; 958 358 020 01; 95835802005; 958 358 020 05; 95835802008; 958 358 020 08; 95835802010; 958 358 020 10; 95835802011; 958 358 020 11; 95835802015; 958 358 020 15; 95835802017; 958 358 020 17; 95835802018; 958 358 020 18; 95835802019; 958 358 020 19; 95835802020; 958 358 020 20; 95835802025; 958 358 020 25; 95835802026; 958 358 020 26; 95835802030; 958 358 020 30; 95835802031; 958 358 020 31; 95835802040; 958 358 020 40; 95835802041; 958 358 020 41; 95835802050; 958 358 020 50

OEM Bilstein:
Scope of delivery:
Air spring strut rear left

The vehicle suspension system is based on a combination of electronic level control and nitrogen 5 or CO2 filled air springs.
After replacement of any spare parts, such as compressor, air spring, valve and / or strut, the output pressure in the system MUST have 17 bar.
A compressor can only partially compensate for the pressure difference.
You MUST follow the appropriate car manufacturer's installation instructions.
If the appropriate car manufacturer's installation instructions and specifications are not followed correctly, your system will continue to show errors or will malfunction.
If our parts are damaged in the process if will void any warranty or guarantee.
Normally the complete emptying of the system is required under car manufacturer's installation instructions .
After replacement of the corresponding spare part, the system MUST be recharged with CO2 or nitrogen 5 in accordance with the requirements of the car manufacturer.
This can only be done with appropriate software and appropriate special tools.
After this procedure, you can start further steps, such as calibration of the vehicle's suspension leveling control system.

-Never lower vehicle with air Discharged from air-suspension bellows!
-Check air suspension system for leaks.
The easiest way this is by parking the vehicle determine. Wait for the automatic readjustment of the system, if your vehicle has this feature. All heights the air are supported accurately measure from the ground to the lower edge of fenders and note. The next day, check and compare these heights.
  Even a small deviation of the distances leads to permanent damage to the compressor and the valves.

Your advantage:
-Made in Germany
-Price advantage over Works-affiliated Dealerships
-Personal service and advice
-Worldwide express delivery is our standard
-In Europe we have the longest experience with the topic of air suspension for automobiles in the after market.

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