Luftbelg bak Bilstein 40-076638

    kr 3,600

    Original bilstein air spring - Made in Germany

    Produkt tilgjengelig for ordrer

    Preserving the original driving behaviour should be the most important aspect when replacing suspension components. 
    For the replacement of air springs there is no better than bilstein.

    The bilstein B3 air spring provides a perfect driving experience under high load, due to the constant counter-pressure in the bellows of the air spring.  
    This is an optimum OE replacement for vehicles in which the air spring and shock absorber are installed as separate units.

    Enclosed installation instructions of the manufacturer must be observed!

    As you need to replace the air spring you will see in this video. 
    Please follow exactly the way as the air spring must be filled for the first time. 
    Not to follow this results in that the air spring is damaged. 
    In this case, we can not give any guarantee. Installation video:

    Can be installed in the following vehicles: 
    mercedes Benz E-Klasse S211 Kombi T-Modell without airmatic / without code 489

    Original spare part number: 
    A 211 320 09 25 ; 2113200925

    Bilstein OE:
    40-076638 , KLF-7663


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