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    Det bästa Luftbälg bak Bilstein 40-076638 ⏩ Luftbälgar
    • Det bästa Luftbälg bak Bilstein 40-076638 ⏩ Luftbälgar
    • Det bästa Luftbälg bak Bilstein 40-076638 ⏩ Luftbälgar

    Luftbälg bak Bilstein 40-076638

    3 999 kr

    Original bilstein air spring - Made in Germany

    Produkt tillgänglig för beställning

    Maintaining the original driving experience is paramount when replacing suspension components, and when it comes to replacing air springs, there's no better choice than Bilstein.

    The Bilstein B3 air spring ensures an optimal driving experience under heavy loads, thanks to the consistent counter-pressure within the air spring bellows. This makes it an ideal OE replacement for vehicles where the air spring and shock absorber are distinct components.

    Please adhere to the enclosed installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. It's crucial to watch the installation video (https://youtu.be/UdwIY0J9EU0) for a step-by-step guide on replacing the air spring. Following the recommended procedure for the initial air spring filling is vital to prevent any damage. Failure to follow these guidelines will void any guarantee.

    Compatible with the following vehicles: Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse S211 Kombi T-Modell without airmatic / without code 489

    Original spare part number: A 211 320 09 25; 2113200925

    Bilstein OE: 40-076638, KLF-7663


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