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Det beste Luftfjæring kompressor TESLA Model S ⏩ Luftkompressor
  • Det beste Luftfjæring kompressor TESLA Model S ⏩ Luftkompressor

Luftfjæring kompressor TESLA Model S

11,499 kr
9,199 kr Spar 20%
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Tesla Model S Continental NEW Air Suspension Compressor - Made in Germany

Produkt tilgjengelig for ordrer

Tesla Model S Continental Air Suspension Compressor - Made in Germany - comes ready for install.

The offered OEM air suspension compressor from Continental is used for the Tesla Model S. It is built on the same assembly line as the original Tesla compressor and is therefore the optimal and qualitatively identical alternative to a much cheaper price.

Before You buy a Compressor Please Keep in Mind That the main reason a Compressor Fails is because There is a Leak in the Air Suspension System Causing the Compressor to Overwork and "Burn Out". The Most Common cause for a leak in the system are old leaky Air Struts or Air Springs. Your Compressor Warranty will be voided if Air Struts Have not Been Recently Replaced in your Vehicle. We Recommend that in order to maintain your Air Suspension System in optimal condition you Purchase new Air Struts or Air Springs.

Can be installed in the following vehicles:
Tesla Model S (2012 - 2016)
Model S 85, Model S P85+, Model S 90, Model S 70D, Model S 85D, Model S 90D

Original spare part number:
6006403-00-A, 600640300A, 00831408250006006403, 15155000703, 15.1550-0070.3

CAUTION: The replacement of the relay is mandatory, otherwise the warranty on the compressor is forfeited!
Relay must be replaced at the same time as the compressor change

The vehicle suspension is based on a combination of electronically controlled level control and bellows filled with nitrogen 5 or CO2.
The gas pressure in the system MUST only be rebuilt after replacing any spare parts (such as compressor, valve, air spring and/or suspension strut) according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.
At this point the compressor is NOT used to refill the system.
These Continental compressors serve exclusively for pressure compensation in the closed system.
If you do not follow the installation instructions of the vehicle manufacturer, the compressor may quickly be damaged, resulting in loss of warranty.

The complete emptying of the system is the general specification of the car manufacturer for repairs to the spring system.
After replacing the corresponding spare part, the system MUST be refilled with CO2 or nitrogen 5 according to the vehicle manufacturer's instructions.
This can only be done with appropriate software and special tools.
Only then can you start further steps, such as calibration or commissioning of the level control.

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