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Air Suspension Compressor TESLA Model S

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Tesla Model S 2012-2021 OEM NEW air suspension Compressor - Made/assembled in USA


Tesla Model S 2012-2021 OEM NEW air suspension Compressor - Made in USA - comes ready for install.

This is a OEM NEW Compressor. Every single component is NEW and NOT Remanufactured. When the Compressor Overheats it can cause damage to the Relay and need replacement.

Before You buy a Compressor Please Keep in Mind That the main reason a Compressor Fails is because There is a Leak in the air suspension System Causing the Compressor to Overwork and "Burn Out". The Most Common cause for a leak in the system are old leaky Air Struts or Air Springs. Your Compressor Warranty will be voided if Air Struts Have not Been Recently Replaced in your Vehicle. We Recommend that in order to maintain your air suspension System in optimal condition you Purchase new Air Struts or Air Springs.


600640300A , 6006403 00 A


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