4E0616007 Luftkompressor Wabco P-2599 Audi A8/S8 D3 Diesel


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 Luftfjädring 4E0616007 Luftkompressor Wabco Arnott P-2599 Audi A8/S8 D3 Diesel


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Arnott's new genuine OES aftermarket air compressors for the Audi are made by WABCO. These units come completely assembled and ready to bolt in. The new unit comes complete with new air fittings, a thermal sensor, and the intake hose assembly. These units commonly burn out, leaving your air suspension on the ground. This compressor is NOT for diesel models.

Additional Information: Air suspension compressors typically burn out when there is a leak in the air suspension system. After installation Arnott recommends testing your system for leaks.


Original Equipment #4E0616007C, 4E0616007E, 4E0616007A, 4E0616005E, 4E0616005G