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Luftfjädring Luftfjäderben bak hö/vä 04-10 Jaguar XJ Series (X350, X358)


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Arnott now has new Jaguar front shock assembly that boasts a custom monotube shock equipped with specially-tuned valving for maximum ride control and comfort!

Arnott is pleased to introduce a completely new Jaguar air shock for the Jaguar XJ series. Arnott's new Jaguar air suspension design features a custom-made and tuned monotube shock absorber. Arnott has worked tirelessly over the years to eliminate many of the weak design flaws on the OE Jaguar shock. The Arnott-designed aftermarket part eliminates many of the common high wear designs such as the leaky upper seal, noisy upper mount, and the weak lower rubber sealing design. The price of a front OE Jaguar shock at the dealership will cost you a small fortune! The Arnott design is not only more efficient, it’s also much more affordable! Arnott's Jaguar shock replacement is covered by a Limited Two-Year Warranty. This kit fits Jaguar vehicles with sport or comfort suspension

Arnott recommends that you replace your Jaguar XJ rear shocks in pairs

• Custom-Designed Monotube Shock Absorber
• CNC-Machined Aluminum Parts
• Valved To Ride Like OEM Suspension
• Anodized Aluminum Finish
• Pre-Assembled For Easy Installation
• Engineered by Arnott

Important Notes:

Replaces OEM#: C2C41343, C2C41346,C2C41341

Fits: JAGUAR XJ Series 2004-2010