Luftkompressor AMK P-2645 Land Rover


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Luftkompressor Luftfjädring AMK Land Rover


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LR023964 Luftkompressor AMK arnott P-2645 Land Rover

The AMK Air Suspension Compressor for the Land Rover LR4, Arnott part P-2645, is manufactured by the same supplier that Land Rover uses to replace the OE compressor. This maintenance-free AMK compressor features a compact design which is both energy efficient and quiet. Arnott assembles this pump in the USA with a vehicle specific support bracket for a fast and easy installation. The compressor comes with an integrated air dryer unit, 18 piece vibration isolator kit, new air line fittings, electrical connection, compressor pressure hose and a new compressor relay. 

• Modular and Compact Design
• Maintenance-Free Design
• Includes Dryer and Compressor Relay
• Pre-assembled with Support Brackets
• Detailed Installation Manual


Original Equipment # LR045251, LR015303, LR023964