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Ilmajouset Arnott Fox MC-3113 (Chrome) HD V-Rod

15 999 kr
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2007-2017 H-D V-Rod Ultimate Ride Kit (Chrome)

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Arnott Fox MC-3113 (Chrome) Harley Davidson VRod

Arnott’s new Ultimate Ride Air Suspension Kit for Harley-Davidson®V-Rod ® models has been custom designed to provide the rider with superior control, ride comfort and height adjustability. The kit, featuring Arnott’s TruAIR® Technology, includes a rugged air spring sleeve.

At the core of this system are two custom nitrogen-charged FOX® shock absorbers. Then, using a patent-pending design, Arnott adds a rugged Goodyear® air spring, ensuring superior comfort, ride quality, and durability. Arnott pairs your shocks with a small but powerful compressor, application-specific mounting bracket, and air distribution valve block which includes a muffler to control how fast air is released. Each kit includes everything you need for a fast and flawless installation including a detailed installation manual, fused wiring harness and relay assembly, handlebar-mounted inflation switch, all necessary tubing, cable ties, fittings, bolt covers, and mounting accessories. Each shock is custom-crafted and rigorously tested in Arnott’s Florida manufacturing facility. ELEVATE YOUR RIDE.®

Additional information:

SKU MC-3113
Ride Series Ultimate Ride

2007-2017 Harley-Davidson® V-Rod® Series

Shock Color Chrome
Inflation Switch Color Chrome
Additional Colors Not Available
Optional Rebound Adjustment No
Size Standard
Minimum Length 10.50" / 267mm
Maximum Length 13.00" / 330mm
Travel Length 2.50" / 64mm
Air Spring Multi-Ply Goodyear
Shock Damper FOX
Shock Construction All CNC Billet Aluminum Components
Ride Comparison Comfortable/Luxurious
Reduces Painful Bottoming Yes
Bottoming Bumper Urethane
Inflation Switch Handlebar Mounted Pushbutton
Application-Specific Compressor Mounting Brackets Yes
Decorative Air Bag Cover Included
Protective Loom for Wiring Yes
Color Coordinated Bolt Covers Yes
Adjustable Deflation Speed Yes
Air Distribution Manifold w/Integrated Release Valve Yes

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