Luftkompressor Arnott P-2496

    8 480 kr
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    Luftfjädring Luftkompressor arnott P-2496 VOLKSWAGEN Touareg, audi Q7, porsche Cayenne

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    PDF Installation Manual

    Installation Manual (w/Google Translate)

    Installation Video


    Arnott has teamed up directly with Wabco to supply you with the same OE part at an affordable price. These compressors are made by the same supplier used by the OE and are assembled in the EU. arnott now has the one-stop solution for those who prefer the original equipment.

    This is just the compressor and dryer assembly. You may have to reuse some of your OEM hardware during the installation. Available Detailed Installation Manual walks you through the installation step-by-step.

    The compressor comes with a new compressor relay.

    Relay must must be replaced

    OEM Numbers: 4L0698007C, 95535890105, 7L8616006A, 7L8616006C, 7L8616007A, 7L8616007C, 7L8616007E, 7L8616007F, 4L0698007B, 4L0698007A, 4L0698007, 95535890104, 95535890103, 95535890102




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