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Luftkompressor Arnott P-2655 BMW X5/X6

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Luftkompressor arnott P-2655 bmw X6 E71 09-13, bmw X5 E70 09-13

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Luftkompressor Luftfädring arnott P-2655 bmw X6 E71 09-13, bmw X5 E70 09-13

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Arnott's air suspension compressor for the bmw X5/X6 (E70/E71 Chassis) is a 100% direct replacement for the original OE compressor from bmw. This aftermarket air supply device is new and is produced by AMK, the same manufacturer as the original compressor. AMK’s air suspension compressors provide an efficient and reliable solution for replacing your bmw's air suspension compressor. The AMK bmw X5 and X6 compressor isa powerful, extremely compact, and lightweight.This compressor sells for a small fortune at your bmw dealer.


  • Powerful and Reliable
  • Compact, Lightweight Design
  • Minimum Noise and Vibration
  • Integrated Air Dryer
  • Made in Germany  

Important Notes:


BMW X6 2008-2013(E71 Chassis)
BMW X5 2006-2012(E70 Chassis)

Original Equipment # 37206859714, 37206799419, 37206789938, 37226775479, 37226785506


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