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Det bästa Luftkompressor Mercedes 212 218 WABCO 415403323R ⏩ Kompressorer
  • Det bästa Luftkompressor Mercedes 212 218 WABCO 415403323R ⏩ Kompressorer
  • Det bästa Luftkompressor Mercedes 212 218 WABCO 415403323R ⏩ Kompressorer

Luftkompressor Mercedes 212 218 WABCO 415403323R

4 499 kr
3 599 kr Spara 20%

Tillkommer 600 kr i stomavgift

Original Wabco Air Suspension Unit - Made in Germany

I Lager

The offered Remanufactured air suspension compressor from WABCO is used for the Mercedes E-Class & CLS-Class. It is built on the same assembly line as the original mercedes Benz compressor and is therefore the optimal and qualitatively identical alternative to a much cheaper price.

Vehicle Fits:

2012-2017 mercedes-Benz CLS-Class (W218 w/AIRMATIC, Incl. AMG)
2010-2016 mercedes-Benz E-Class (W212 w/AIRMATIC, Incl. AMG)

Replaces the following OEM components
A2123200404 , A 212 320 04044 , 212.320.0404
A2123200104 , A 212 320 0104 , 212.320.0104
415 403 127 0 , 415.403.127.0 , 4154031270
415 403 128 0 , 415.403.128.0 , 4154031280
415 403 323 0 , 415.403.323.0 , 4154033230
OE Reference: 4154031270/4154031280
IAM Reference: 415403323R
Scope of delivery: The scope of delivery includes the original Wabco compressor and Relay

For this item we charge a deposit of 750 SEK, which will be refunded immediately after the return of your old compressor.

Your advantages:
Remanufactured Original OE quality
Much cheaper than Genuine price
Cheaper than offer from authorized dealers
Powerful and quiet compressor
Durability and safety
Easy installation and low maintenance
Can be combined with original accessories such as hoses or plugs
2 years warranty
Important user information
To ensure safe operation of the new compressor, a new relay (included) must be used before installing the compressor.
The most common cause of compressor failure is a leak in the air spring system or the entry of dirt or moisture into the compressor.
We therefore strongly recommend to change the air filter.
Before using the new compressor, also check the intake hose and the entire air suspension system for leaks and repair if necessary.
Further instructions on the correct procedure can be found in the enclosed instructions.
These measures ensure the long life of your new compressor.



  • The Core must be in a an off-vehicle condition.
  • Stommen måste vara komplett, helt monterad.
  • Stommen får inte vara sprucken, trasig eller deformerad.
  • Stommen får inte vara starkt korroderad eller bränd.
  • Det har inte gjorts något tidigare försök att bygga om komponenten.
  • Stommar måste uppfylla godkända kriterier som är angivna i dokumenten nedan (kriterier för stomreturer)
  • Stommen får endast komma från originalutrustningsdelarna (OE)


  • Stommen är ej komplett, och eller demonterad.
  • Stommen är skadad pga yttre åverkan
  • Komponenten har utsats för reparationsförsök
  • Skadade gängor, deformerade skruvhål
  • Korrosion på interna komponenter pga felaktig förvaring
  • Bränd stomme
  • Kopia av originaldel

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