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Front Air Strut Porsche Macan 95B Bilstein 45-249907


Original BILSTEIN air suspension" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" style="color:#000000">air strut - Made in Germany

Product available for orders

The BILSTEIN B4 air suspension module offers optimum safety and durability. Don't be satisfied with less than BILSTEIN if you need OE replacement.

BILSTEIN B4 air suspension module for maximum driving comfort.
The revolutionary design provides damping, suspension and level control in one single part.
The BILSTEIN B4 air suspension module is available for active and passive systems and is therefore the ideal OE replacement part for a perfect driving experience as on day one.

Enclosed installation instructions of the manufacturer must be observed!

How to replace the strut you can see in this video. It is essential to act according to this installation video: 

Can be installed in the following vehicles:
porsche Macan Typ 95B >2014

Original spare part number:
95B 616 039; 95B 616 039 A; 95B 616 039 C; 95B 616 039 D; 95B 616 039 E; 95B 616 039 F

OEM Bilstein:
Scope of delivery:
Air spring strut front


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