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Air Strut


Här hittar du kvalitativa fjäderben från Arnott, Vivracoustic, BWI och Bilstein till låga priser. Vi har ett stort utbud
av luftfjäderben till flera olika bilmärken.


  • Arnott Air Strut

    Arnott Air Strut


    Arnott offers more than 380 quality aftermarket air suspension products covering over 1700 applications including remanufactured OE air struts, Arnott-designed new air struts, innovative air springs, OES air suspension compressors and coil spring conversion kits. Our global team works every day to build on the trust and quality the Arnott name has signified to our customers for 30 years. We forge meaningful relationships with every customer and strive to support their continued success.

  • BWI Air Strut

    BWI Air Strut

    BWI Group is a premier chassis supplier that designs and manufactures suspension systems for the global transportation market.

  • Bilstein Air Strut

    Bilstein Air Strut

    BILSTEIN is a name that has been synonymous with peak performance in the field of suspension technology for more than 60 years. The brand is founded on the people and characters that support it and who are passionate about it – based on a tradition and a commitment to uncompromising quality, from the original equipment and universal spare parts to the world of motorsport. They are part of this – they are BILSTEINERs!

  • Vibracoustic Air Strut

    Vibracoustic Air Strut


    The Vibracoustic CV Air Springs brand has a global reputation for pioneering design, optimum comfort and extreme durabil-ity. Favoured by the major truck manufacturers worldwide, our high performance range has a proud legacy, it can trace its origins back to Europe’s first ever commercially produced Air Springs, meaning it truly is the Original.As a company we are known for our technology and materials expertise, which possibly explains why Vibracoustic CV Air Springs consistently outperforms competitor products under laboratory tests.

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